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Industry Solutions

Enterprises from around the globe and from all industries trust Riverbed solutions to help deliver business performance. With Riverbed, these organizations are able to accelerate applications, improve productivity and collaboration, gain visibility and control over their networks, move to cloud computing, and cut costs. By delivering the platform they need to understand, optimize and consolidate their IT, Riverbed has helped these enterprises to build fast, fluid and dynamic IT architectures that align with the business needs of the organization.

Compliance regulations, privacy laws, and security concerns can bring unique challenges to some industries. Riverbed has the experience and expertise needed to help enterprises across industry overcome these challenges and leverage their IT infrastructure or the cloud in ways they never imagined.

Energy & Utilities Solutions:

As worldwide demands for energy rise due to population growth and quality of life improvements, the energy industry will continue to realize significant growth and change. Meanwhile, many utility providers are struggling to balance new development and the maintenance of an aging distribution infrastructure against government and industry regulations, as well as a consumer base that is very sensitive to price increases.

Riverbed enables oil and gas companies to more efficiently operate in a complex global network of upstream, midstream, and downstream operations. Riverbed solutions address challenges in managing diverse business functions, with exploration and production increasingly located in remote regions that are only accessible by satellite communications. Clean and renewable energy segments are positioned for massive expansion, with many next generation facilities in planning, public review, construction, and the development of new transmission corridors. Riverbed solutions enhance collaboration on proposals and help speed projects to completion.

Riverbed delivers performance for the globally connected enterprise, enabling energy and utility organizations to implement strategic initiatives that provide:

  • Visibility into application performance worldwide, including offshore platforms
  • Increased collaboration and information sharing between consultants and project owners
  • Consolidation and the reduction of IT footprints in remote and rugged sites
  • Streamlined connectivity for more scale from limited, long-distance networks
  • Business continuity enhancements built on improved data protection and disaster recovery capabilities
  • Increased productivity, with better application performance and communications for a distributed workforce

Financial Services Solutions:

Financial institutions around the globe turn to Riverbed to help them better understand their networks and application performance, to optimize and dramatically accelerate applications, enable server and datacenter consolidation projects and to facilitate fast, secure access for cloud storage. Riverbed enables institutions do all of this which mitigates risk of lost data all while deferring bandwidth upgrades for years to come affording them even greater cost savings. Riverbed understands the regulatory compliance needs and the necessity of business continuity. Riverbed helps financial institutions increase competitiveness and profitably by through remarkable cost reductions, increased employee productivity and while minimizing risk.

Riverbed solutions are proven to help financial institutions their size:

  • Increase profits and reduce costs – customers can realize a 3 year ROI of 457% and payback in less than 7 months (IDC 2010)
  • Improve their branch and remote staff productivity with optimized applications - accelerated up to 50X
  • Maintain full business continuity - reducing their data replication bandwidth requirements up to 90%
  • Enable IT consolidation to reduce their infrastructure costs - without compromising performance
  • Mitigate risk – customers can comply with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), Payment Card Industry (PCI/DSS) and other regulations, and eliminate the hassle and exposure risk that comes with tape backups
  • Gain better visibility – understand interdependencies, identify, and resolve problems up to 83% faster (IDC 2010)
  • Leverage cloud computing opportunities where they fit their business – with swift and secure access

Government Solutions:

Hundreds of government organizations worldwide turn to Riverbed for help in meeting the most demanding IT goals in serving the needs of the citizens, achieving mission targets, and supporting warfighters.  Federal, state, and local, agencies of all sizes can optimize the performance of their existing infrastructure and improve productivity.  Civilian, military and intelligence agencies and departments facing new mandates are able to increase the efficiency of their services and operations.

Government initiatives where Riverbed is key:

Cloud computing adoption

  • For example, the Cloud First policy will offer flexibility in delivery, control costs to only pay for what is used, and speed up provisioning of services in computing and storage capacity.
  • Riverbed solutions seamlessly integrate Public, Private, and Hybrid cloud computing offerings with existing technology, and accelerate performance, reduce actual utilization costs, and secure information in the cloud.


  • For example, security mandates, including Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) require continuous monitoring of  IT systems to actively identify and report on network trends, as well as enforce access and usage policies.
  • Riverbed solutions provide a continuous monitoring framework, observing communications between all nodes on the network in order to detect and report on behavioral anomalies and complement an active defense of data in use, in motion, and at rest.

Data center and server consolidation

  • For example, the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative (FDCCI) is designed to reduce costs, promote Green IT, increase security and efficiency.
  • Riverbed solutions enable faster consolidation project implementation and up to 50X better performance for applications independent of where they are hosted, and reduce bandwidth requirements up to 95%.

Data protection and disaster recovery

  • For example, Continuity of Operations Plans (COOP) are required to mitigate risk of service interruptions and provide resilience in the event of a disaster or attack, including telework options.
  • Riverbed solutions deliver streamlined data protection, reduced costs, and improved recovery point and recovery time objectives (RPO & RTO) for disaster recovery. IDC found up to 83% faster problem resolution among Riverbed customers. Employees can be productive anywhere, even if their normal workplace is unavailable.

Satellite communications

  • Government organizations often support operations around the world and utilize satellite communications where terrestrial connectivity is simply unavailable or insufficiently secure.
  • Riverbed solutions provide the best possible use of limited satellite bandwidth, high link utilization, prioritization of traffic, tolerance of intermittent connectivity, and adaptation to the environmental stress of wireless networks. SkipWare is by far the largest implementation of SCPS in the DoD, and as a result SCPS and SkipWare have become almost synonymous.

Streamlined management and visibility

  • For example, the US CIO’s “25 Point Implementation Plan to Reform Federal IT Management” focus on a set of guidelines to improve efficiency of operations based on a clear understanding shared IT resources and their performance.
  • Riverbed solutions give deep insight to an organizations infrastructure for performance management, dependency mapping and accelerated problem identification, diagnosis, and resolution.

Telework and remote employees

  • For example, GSA’s Federal Management Regulation (FMR) and the Telework Enhancement Act of 2010 state guidelines for connecting employees and maintaining productive alternate work environments, even as part of contingency plans.
  • Riverbed solutions enable remote workers anywhere in the world to have the same quality of service for access and application performance as those in a central office.

Healthcare Solutions:

Healthcare organizations that choose Riverbed performance solutions can improve the quality of their patient care and services while simultaneously reducing costs. From national clinic networks to major hospitals, there are many opportunities for improvements in IT performance for systems like electronic medical records (EMR) management, picture archiving and communications (PACS), and digital imaging and communications (DICOM.)

For healthcare groups that have or are considering a protection strategy based on the centralization of backups to the datacenter or public cloud, Riverbed can help deliver continuous operations while also improving capabilities for records backup, archive, and full-site disaster recovery. Through consolidation and security, auditability is improved for regulations such as HIPAA. And with Riverbed solutions IT staff can more efficiently receive the latest training, while patient education and communication is improved.

Healthcare organizations rely on Riverbed to provide performance solutions that help ensure the delivery of high quality care, including:

  • Better application performance and communications for a distributed workforce
  • Faster problem resolution to better meet service level requirements
  • Increased collaboration and information sharing between doctors, specialists, nurses, patients, and researchers
  • Consolidation and reduction of the IT footprint in regional clinics for reduced capital and operating expenses
  • Integrated cloud and centralized storage for better protection of electronic records
  • Improved performance, scale, and availability for client-facing websites, including online health information and billing account management

Manufacturing, Industrial, & Technology Solutions:

Companies in the manufacturing, industrial, and technology sectors all benefit from Riverbed solutions that are deployed to improve time-to-market, reduce operational costs, and drive down risk. In today’s economic environment, there are a few common strategies for success, including: differentiate on quality or functionality, build and distribute products more cost efficiently, or radically innovate to find a new, underserved market niche.

Riverbed products and services increase business’s competitiveness on a global scale, improving business performance for research and development, supply chain, production, distribution, back office, sales, marketing, and support. Even for companies with long product development cycles, Riverbed can help enable faster response times to changing market conditions and demands.

Riverbed helps manufacturing, industrial, and technology companies ensure that their IT initiatives contribute to the bottom line in the following ways:

  • Research and development is more efficient through faster and easier collaboration.
  • Knowledge worker and support staff productivity is increased with responsive applications.
  • Infrastructure can be centralized and consolidated for reduced costs and administration.
  • Remote office and production facilities enjoy the same performance as headquarters.
  • Supply chain, enterprise resource planning, and customer resource management systems become more efficient.
  • Continuous quality improvement programs (Six Sigma, ISO9000/9001, etc.) are served.
  • Online ordering and corporate web sites are quicker and more resilient.
  • Business critical data is protected and ready for disaster recovery.

Media & Communications Solutions:

In a deadline-driven industry like media, it’s critical that time-sensitive projects be completed and delivered on schedule, without exception. For global media firms that means 24/7 content delivery around the world—Riverbed offers performance solutions to help.

Digital content and video streaming strain infrastructures to the point of unacceptable delay, while piracy demands a secure approach. At the same time, producing and marketing premier content requires coordinating the different stages of the development process, from filming to production to distribution to subscriptions. Each stage depends on the performance of the total system, and any delay or downtime at any point could halt production or turn away consumers. Independent groups and consolidated media industry titans all benefit from Riverbed solutions.

Media and communications companies rely on Riverbed for a wide range of use cases including:

  • Delivery of rich media content worldwide
  • Greater resilience, total flexibility, and scalability
  • Design for business continuity, with no interruption of operations
  • A true end-to-end view of the application delivery path, from back-end servers to user desktops
  • Traffic analysis for proactive service assurance and faster problem resolution
  • Faster content development and time-to-market, with improved collaboration from recording to processing
  • Call center optimization for customer accounts and services
  • Peak traffic management, which is necessary with premier events
  • The adoption of initiatives such as cloud and virtualization for savings on capital and operating costs, energy, and administration

Pharmaceutical Solutions:

With an average cost of over $900 million and 15 years to develop a single new drug, most pharmaceutical companies are constantly seeking innovative ways to cut costs and shorten time-to-market. Information Technology plays an increasingly critical role in ensuring that the business units at Pharmaceutical companies achieve faster, cost-effective time-to-market. Riverbed solutions are being used by 9 out of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in the world, as well as small to mid-sized pharmaceuticals, Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) and thousands of other distributed organizations worldwide.

Riverbed solutions have helped the pharmaceutical industry to:

  • Improve data collection and speed up the regulatory reporting processes by delivering the highest performance across the Wide Area Network (WAN).
  • Enable continuous, fast access to R&D data and collaboration tools for maximum productivity at each stage of the drug development process.
  • Increase employee productivity and collaboration to speed time-to-market.
  • Ensure risk mitigation and meet regulatory and compliance mandates.
  • Accelerate backup and replication by 100 times
  • Gain complete network visibility and performance management
  • Enable faster FDA filings at each phase of the process
  • Improve collaboration with decreased travel
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership and achieve payback in 6.9 months

Retail & Consumer Solutions:

Riverbed helps retail and consumer companies maximize profitability and enable better business and technology performance worldwide. This is critical, as many companies are faced with serious revenue challenges in the current environment of recession and economic slowdown worldwide. In many segments, consumer spending on goods and services is down in both nominal and real terms.

At the same time, there are big opportunities to identify and adapt business to new market niches, as well as to pursue mergers and acquisition strategies. There are also new, affluent markets in developing countries. Not least, the ongoing shift toward online retailing and direct-to-consumer marketing presents new possibilities. Working with Riverbed, organizations can drive down costs, benefit from lower production costs internationally, and establish a platform for efficient growth and to capitalize when economic recovery comes.

Riverbed solutions are proven to help retail and consumer organizations with IT projects that are aligned to help businesses:

  • More efficiently access central data warehouses for loyalty & reward programs
  • Deliver better performance and availability for supply chain, inventory tracking, and loss control applications
  • Efficiently deliver streaming and on-demand video training to employees
  • Improve customer service with faster order management and customer records systems
  • Streamline the IT infrastructure for cost control, centralization, consolidation, and standardization
  • Leverage economies of scale and administration with cloud services
  • Minimize branch office and retail store IT footprints while virtually delivering local services
  • Increase the performance and availability of e-commerce and online retail sites
  • Scale existing network infrastructure to accommodate new demands
  • Improve data protection and disaster recovery capabilities