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Riverbed Collaboration and Productivity
Solutions for Microsoft SharePoint, Exchange, and Microsoft Office 365, IBM Lotus, file sharing, and more

Our solutions enable you to optimize your organizations productivity. Collaborate more productively with faster applications across globally distributed environments. Accelerate collaboration and file sharing for users globally. Drive user adoption of collaboration platforms through faster file and page loading times. Support peak demand for collaboration applications. Improve uptime for collaboration applications with improved troubleshooting capabilities from the end-user, accross the network, and deep into the application.


To enable productive collaboration in today’s dynamic market, employees, customers, and partners need to be able to exchange ideas and content in a timely manner. But sharing information over long distances introduces high-latency, low-bandwidth connections that can slow productivity down. Our solutions accelerate application performance over wide-area networks (WAN) to overcome geographical limitations, and enable global collaboration across consolidated data centers and distributed branch offices, in virtualized and cloud environments.

The result: increased productivity with fast access to business-critical applications.


To deliver the best return on investment, collaboration deployments need to be able to quickly adapt and scale to accommodate a dynamic end-user population consisting of remote workers, customers, and partners accessing data and applications across locations and devices. Our solutions provide intelligent control over user traffic and network resources to increase application efficiency and availability, balance the workload for optimal performance, and dynamically allocate application resources between hybrid cloud environments.

The result: more consistent user experiences despite rapidly changing demand and network conditions.


While organizations are increasingly reliant on their business applications for successful day-to-day operations, most enterprises have little or no visibility into how applications are performing. Our performance management solutions provide end-to-end visibility and monitoring of the end-user's experience of services and applications, with drill-down into detailed performance information from network data, infrastructure component monitoring, and code-level transaction analysis for accelerated troubleshooting.

The result: dramatically reduce and avoid potential downtime or performance degradations for business critical applications.

Works With

Virtually any productivity and collaboration applications

By addressing numerous underlying application and infrastructure bottlenecks, our solutions provide performance enhancement to any TCP-based application. A few specific examples of productivity and collaboration applications, with more details about how Riverbed can help, include:

Microsoft Office 365

One in four enterprises use Office 365 today. Available in 125 markets and 32 languages, Office 365 delivers mail and collaboration services using Exchange and SharePoint Online. Office 365 includes document libraries as well as online versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Riverbed offers Microsoft customers a best-in-class solution – SteelHead™ SaaS – combining WAN and internet optimization to accelerate delivery of Office 365 up to 33x faster wherever the apps and information live – branch offices, data centers, and in the cloud. The solution also helps you move those same apps and information to the Microsoft cloud. With SteelHead SaaS, you consume Riverbed application acceleration as a per user subscription service in the same way you are consuming Office 365 as a service.

Microsoft Sharepoint

Microsoft SharePoint is a rich productivity platform for document collaboration sites, intranet portals, and public websites. With the pace of business demanding greater productivity and collaboration across global boundaries, ensuring users and customers have fast, reliable access to SharePoint sites is critical. Riverbed's performance platform uniquely enables IT to analyze, accelerate, and control the SharePoint experience for end users wherever they are located. With an integrated suite of innovative performance products, Riverbed addresses many common performance, availability, and management challenges. For example: running centralized and clustered SharePoint server farms to support growth and productivity, enhancing risk mitigation, and realizing greater cost savings.

Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange Server has long been a top choice of organizations to enable rich and productive collaboration among its users. It has become the corporate standard in email, calendaring, and workforce productivity, but maintaining Exchange servers can be expensive and complex. Riverbed solutions address many common performance, availability, and management challenges associated with Exchange, including branch office performance, consolidation, DR, scaling and availability, and visibility and control. As a result, IT administrators can create a robust, reliable, high-performance Microsoft Exchange environment.

IBM Lotus Notes

Companies using IBM Lotus software for collaboration are driving greater productivity for their distributed workforce through messaging, file sharing, and social collaboration. Riverbed solutions for Lotus software ensures high-quality performance for distributed users.

Our Products and Services

SteelHead for collaboration applications

Accelerate file-sharing, email, and document repository application traffic up to fifty times while reducing bandwidth consumption up to 90 percent with SteelHead WAN optimization. With built-in quality-of-service (QoS), SteelHead allows IT to prioritize mission critical applications. Combined, these optimizations improve the user experience and support better productivity with efficient use of network resources.

SteelHead™ SaaS for Office 365

Accelerate Office 365 with cloud-based deployment options for SteelHead WAN optimization. SteelHead™ SaaS combines Riverbed's optimization software, RiOS, with Akamai's Internet optimization to accelerate Office 365 end-to-end.

Services for Microsoft Office 365

Riverbed Professional Services (RPS) offers a portfolio of services that support enterprise customers throughout the Microsoft® Office 365® migration process — from planning into production and beyond. Delivered through best-in-class Riverbed products and proven methodologies, Riverbed Consulting Solutions for Office 365 are designed to ensure a smooth transition to the cloud while accelerating project timelines and reducing risk, costs, and bandwidth usage.

SteelApp™ for Microsoft enterprise applications

Scale file-sharing, email, and document repository applications for high availability with a full-featured Layer-7 software application delivery controller. Reduce time to deliver new features with common development and production load-balancing environments.

SteelCentral™ for Application Performance Monitoring

Troubleshoot poorly performing productivity and collaboration applications faster with comprehensive monitoring and analytics. Riverbed application performance management solutions let you stay on top of how your collaboration applications are performing for users everywhere. Analytics allow you to quickly identify and diagnose issues across complex distributed and virtualized environments.

SteelCentral™ for end-user experience monitoring and response time analysis

Understand and manage network infrastructure from a user and application perspective. Riverbed network performance management solutions let you plan and monitor network environments end-to-end. Granular visibility and analytics accelerate the troubleshooting process to improve application uptime.