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Riverbed E-commerce and websites
Solutions for eCommerce websites, corporate webpages, digital marketing sites, and more

Our solutions enable you to drive more web transactions, increase engagement, and improve user satisfaction for e-commerce applications and websites. Accelerate website pageload times by up to 4 times. Scale into the cloud to meet peak demand for online sales and promotions. Meet PCI DSS compliance requirements for e-commerce security. Prioritize shopping traffic to make the best use of resources. Protect against a broad range of website attacks.


A positive shopping experience is more critical than ever. According to an August 2013 Riverbed sponsored Harris Poll: once online, shoppers consult three websites on average before making a purchase. And if  the website performance is poor it can cause the shopper to leave the site or even go to a competitor.  Maintaining fast website performance is increasingly important. Our solutions deliver fast websites and online shopping experiences to users around the world, who are increasingly connected over high-latency mobile networks. We enable organizations to accelerate their e-commerce websites to globally distributed visitors and shoppers.

The result: a faster, more positive shopping experience for your customers.


Your online sales and marketing strategy requires operating at web scale. But increasing traffic loads, rapid change, and complex deployment infrastructures make scaling websites and e-commerce sites difficult without over-provisioning resources. Our solutions provide complete control over user traffic, optimizing and securing e-commerce sites and websites for scale and flexibility.

The result: websites and e-commerce sites that are always available for customers.


Maintaining uptime, fast website performance and high availability is critical to the success of your online web presence. But the complexity of multi-tiered e-commerce applications, websites with multiple API calls, and a wide diversity of consumer devices makes visibility and troubleshooting a challenge. Our solutions help developers and IT organizations identify performance problems faster and accelerate root cause diagnosis.

The result: faster recovery time and improved user experience.

Works With

Riverbed solutions work with virtually any website stack. By addressing numerous underlying application and infrastructure bottlenecks, our solutions provide performance enhancement to any TCP-based application. A few specific examples of website platforms, with more details about how we can help, include:


In addition to spending time on optimizing prices and shipping, organizations that depend on Magento software for their e-commerce need to ensure their website is high performance and scalable to take peak loads; especially during high impact times like the holiday season. If something does go wrong, root cause diagnostics and faster recovery time are imperative. Our solutions provide acceleration, scaling, and performance management for companies with e-commerce sites ensuring shoppers get the fastest possible shopping experience and that they do not leave because a site cannot deliver pages fast enough.

Microsoft Sharepoint

Microsoft SharePoint is a rich productivity platform for document collaboration sites, intranet portals, and public websites. With the pace of business demanding greater productivity and collaboration across global boundaries, ensuring users and customers have fast, reliable access to SharePoint sites is critical. The Riverbed  performance platform uniquely enables IT to analyze, accelerate, and control the SharePoint experience for end users wherever they are located. With an integrated suite of innovative performance products, Riverbed addresses many common performance, availability, and management challenges of running centralized and clustered SharePoint server farms to support growth and productivity, enhance risk mitigation, and realize cost savings.

Our Products and Services

SteelAppTM for e-commerce and e-retail

Visualize and manipulate the flow of traffic to your web-enabled applications and enhance customer experience by improving web application performance, reduce downtime and ensure that your most valuable customers get the best level of service even during busy periods. Comply with PCI-DSS requirements with SteelApp Web App Firewall.

SteelCentralTM for solving e-commerce application performance problems with Big Data APM

Troubleshoot poorly performing websites faster with comprehensive monitoring and analytics. Riverbed application performance management solutions let you stay on top of how your websites are performing for users everywhere. Analytics allow you to quickly identify and diagnose issues accross complex distributed and virtualized environments.