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Riverbed SteelFusion Edge 1260
The first converged infrastructure solution purpose-built for the branch

Riverbed SteelFusion
Formerly Known As: Granite appliance(s)

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Business Challenge

Enterprises pull from a global talent pool and establish branch offices to remain close to customers, partners, and key components of their supply chain. As the number of branches grows, organizations deploy more and more infrastructure to deliver applications and data efficiently and reliably and maintain an acceptable level of productivity.

This proliferation results in islands of distributed branch infrastructure that are necessary to meet local performance and reliability needs, but that are costly, complex, and inefficient to manage. Companies rarely have the expertise in branches to maintain such distributed infrastructure. This increases business risk due to outages, obsolescence, and data loss. When branch offices go down because of natural or manmade disasters or human error the costs are huge. It can take days to fully recover.

The Riverbed Solution

Riverbed SteelFusion is the first and only branch converged infrastructure that delivers local performance while enabling data centralization, instant recovery, and lower TCO. SteelFusion converges server, storage, and network infrastructure into a single branch appliance minimizing the footprint needed to run branch applications while centralizing data. SteelFusion eliminates the headache of branch office IT, consolidating servers and storage into the datacenter without sacrificing any of the benefits of having servers at the edge close to users.

SteelFusion features an industry-first storage delivery architecture. Unlike traditional converged infrastructures, SteelFusion enables “stateless” branch services. Users access applications running locally in the branch while primary data is stored in the datacenter. Decoupling compute from storage, SteelFusion branch converged infrastructure delivers local performance and capacity without requiring a storage-intensive architecture in the branch. This significantly reduces required branch infrastructure and centralizes management of branch services.

SteelFusion expedites branch office provisioning, backup, and recovery and ensures continuous operations when disasters occur such as inclement weather, fire, and human-induced outages. With SteelFusion, businesses can restore operations in a matter of minutes vs. days, centrally protect and secure data, and significantly lower the TCO of branch and remote offices.

SteelFusion consists of two components:

  • SteelFusion Edge: A converged appliance that integrates server, storage, network, and virtualization to run local branch applications, eliminating the need for additional branch infrastructure.
  • SteelFusion Core: A storage delivery controller in the datacenter that interfaces with a storage area network (SAN) to project centralized data out to branches. SteelFusion serves as the infrastructure for your branch, significantly lowering capital and operational costs, mitigating the risk of branch disasters, and improving IT’s responsiveness to the business.

Key Benefits:


Reduce capital and operational costs, simplify IT practices

Consolidation and Centralization

  • Centralize branch servers and storage while maintaining local performance
  • Slash branch IT costs by eliminating the need to purchase and maintain branch servers and storage
  • Drive greater utilization of datacenter storage investments

Simplified Management

  • Reduce branch administration costs by leveraging standardized datacenter policies and procedures
  • Centralize control to eliminate the need for remote IT personnel or “fly and fix” missions
  • Quickly provision remote and branch offices from the datacenter


Improve disaster recovery readiness and reduce downtime

Disaster Recovery and Avoidance

  • Rapidly recover from disasters by projecting VMs from the datacenter to the branch
  • Reduce data loss with near real-time synchronization of data to the datacenter
  • Start VMs in the datacenter when remote locations experience or expect interruption

Data Protection

  • Eliminate the need to purchase, install, and manage dedicated branch backup solutions
  • Centralize data protection to benefit from mature enterprise-class practices

Disconnected operations

  • Enable work to continue uninterrupted by maintaining local access to VMs and data even if the WAN link is down


Mitigate risks associated with data in remote locations


  • Control data in the datacenter, removing sensitive information from high-risk locations
  • Render data on stolen appliances or drives inaccessible without admin authentication


  • Ensure data at rest is safe using AES 256-bit encryption, compliant with HIPAA and Top Secret standards
  • Protect data in-flight with industry-standard SSL or IPSEC encryption
  • Reduce risk by maintaining only a limited set of active data blocks at remote locations

Key Features:

SteelFusion features three technologies that work together deliver local performance from the datacenter to the branch:

BlockStream: Integrated storage delivery

BlockStream is patented technology that centralizes data in the datacenter and projects a working set out to the branch. It combines three capabilities: 1) an authoritative block cache built into the SteelFusion Edge converged appliance; 2) a pre-fetch algorithm that predicts and delivers required data to branch locations; and 3) data deduplication technology that reduces the amount of data transferred between Edge and Core.

SteelHead: Built-in WAN optimization

SteelFusion contains an integrated instance of the industry’s #1 WAN optimization solution – Riverbed SteelHead. WAN optimization helps further streamline branch infrastructure by accelerating all branch user application and data traffic at the fastest speeds across the optimal networks at the lowest cost.

Virtual Services Platform (VSP): Branch-optimized virtualization

The SteelFusion Edge converged appliance contains a fully integrated instance of the VMware vSphere hypervisor, optimized to run remotely on a hardened branch appliance. Customers benefit from having the industrystandard virtualization platform, which can be managed with existing tools and capabilities. SteelFusion simply and seamlessly appears as a standard host in existing VMware vSphere and vCenter Server management tools.


Model 1160 Series (with BlockStream) 1260 Series (2 TB)
Configurations G L M H VH G L M H VH
Profile 1U 2U
Upgradeable To 1160-L/M/H 1160-M/H 1160-H - - 1260-L/M/H 1260-M/H 1260-H - -
Block Store(c) 760 GB(c) 1580 GB(c)
Advanced Tiering Cache (SSD) N/A N/A
Storage Fault Tolerance RAID1 RAID10
Hot Swappable Drives 4 6 8
Total RAM 48 GB 48 GB 72 GB
Available for VSP (d,e) 32 GB 48 GB
Optimized WAN Capacity 10 Mbps 20 Mbps 50/100 Mbps(g) 10 Mbps 20 Mbps 50/100 Mbps(g)
Optimized TCP & UDP flows N/A 900 1,500 2,300 6,000 N/A 900 1,500 2,300 6,000
Data Store Capacity (SSD)   140 GB     280 GB 140 GB     280 GB
QoS Bandwidth(a) 100 Mbps 100 Mbps
QoS Rules/Classes(b) 1,000 1,000
Expansion Slots (PCI-e)(f) 2 4
Included Bypass Ports (Copper) 4 4
Max. # of Bypass Ports 8(h) 8(h)

Model 1260 Series (4 TB) 1360 Series (10 TB) 1360P Series (10 TB)
Configurations G L M H VH G L M G L M
Profile 2U
Upgradeable To 1260-L/M/H 1260-M/H 1260-H - - 1360-L/M 1360-M - 1360P-L/M 1360P-M -
Block Store(c) 3574 GB(c) 9400 GB(c) 9400 GB(c)
Advanced Tiering Cache (SSD) N/A N/A 1 TB
Storage Fault Tolerance
Hot Swappable Drives 10 12 24 24
Total RAM 88 GB 128 GB 128 GB
Available for VSP(d,e) 64 GB 64 GB 64 GB 64 GB 64 GB
Optimized WAN Capacity 10 Mbps 20 Mbps 50/100 Mbps(g) 50 Mbps 100 Mbps 50 Mbps 100 Mbps
Optimized TCP & UDP flows N/A 900 1,500 2,300 6,000 N/A 4,500 6,000 N/A 4,500 6,000
Data Store Capacity (SSD) 140 GB 280 GB 320 GB 320 GB
QoS Bandwidth(a) 100 Mbps 100 Mbps 100 Mbps
QoS Rules/Classes(b) 1,000 1,000 1,000
Expansion Slots (PCI-e)(f) 4 4 4
Included Bypass Ports (Copper) 4 4 4
Max. # of Bypass Ports 8(h) 8(h) 8(h)
NOTE: All WAN Capacity / Bandwidth, TCP Connections and UDP flows, and QoS specifications listed are maximums and may not be achieved in all environments. The WAN capacity limit is enforced on outbound optimized traffic. Inbound optimized WAN traffic is not capped (a) Recommended maximum outbound QoS shaping capacity (b) Total of classes plus rules (c) This is the maximum block store space. Depending on the disk setup, this may be shared with VSP. For more details, see the “ SteelHead EX Installation and Configuration Guide” (d) The RAM noted here is the Host Physical Memory available to vSphere. The memory available to guests will be lower than this number. For more details on vSphere memory management (e) 1260 memory can be upgraded to 32GB (2TB model) and 64GB (4TB model) (f) Optional Network Bypass cards: Quad copper GbE, Dual & Quad LX/SX Fiber GigE (1X4 port or 2X2 port NIC’s) (g)100 Mbps WAN B/W license available on the 1160 VH/1260 VH only. (h) The 1160, 1260 and 1360 support 1 add-on 4 port card that can be used either for 4 bypass ports or as 4 data ports
SteelFusion Core
Model 1000 Series 1500 Series 2000 Series 3000 Series
Configurations U L M L M L M H VH L M H
Profile Virtual 2U 2U
Upgradeable To VGC1000-
- VGC1500-
- GC2000-
- GC3000-
Number of LUNs 10 20 40 60 60 20 40 80 160 200 250 300
Number of Branches(a) 5 10 20 30 30 10 20 40 80 100 125 150
Data set size(b) 2 TB 5 TB 10 TB 20 35 5 TB 10 TB 20 TB 35 TB 50 TB 75 TB 100 TB
Front Swappable Drives N/A 2 2
RAM 24 GB 128 GB
Expansion Slots (PCI-e) 4 4
Included Ports (Copper) 6 6
Max. # of Ports 10 10
(a) Assumes 2 LUNs per branch (b) Recommended size depending on data type
  Branch / Edge Data Center
Model 1160 Series 1260 Series 1360 Series 1360P Series 2000 Series 3000 Series
Dual Power Supplies
Power [Watts] (Typical) 175 355 505 515 330 400
BTU 605 1215 1726 1753 1130 1368
Temperature(b) 10 - 40 deg C / 50 - 104 deg F (Operating)
-40 - 65 deg C / -40 - 149 deg F (Storage)
Relative Humidity(a) 20% - 80% non-condensing (Operating)
5% - 95% non-condensing (Storage)
Operating Acoustic noise (Typical) 62 dBA 65 dBA 65 dBA 65 dBA 65dBA 65 dBA
System Dimensions (LxWxH)(c) 25.4 x 17.2 x 1.71 in
645.4 x 436 x 43.5 mm
25.4 x 17.2 x 3.43 in
645.4 x 436 x 87.1 mm
Packaging Dimensions 36.25 x 23.38 x 12.5 in
920.8 x 593.7 x 317.5 mm
Max Weight (without packaging) 36 Lbs
16.36 Kg
58 Lbs
23.36 Kg
60 Lbs
27.2 Kg
60 Lbs
27.2 Kg
58 Lbs
23.36 Kg
58 Lbs
23.36 Kg
Rail Information Mounting rail kit inlcuded.
Orderable spare part RMK-002A
(a) In China - for use in non-tropical locations (b) Operating altitude up to 10,000 feet except in China 6,562 feet (2,000m) (c) Length is without bezel The availability, export or re-export of these products or specific features are subject to the export laws and regulations of the U.S., EU, Singapore, and the laws and regulations of any applicable foreign agency or authority.


Download the Riverbed SteelFusion Spec Sheet (.PDF)

Download the Riverbed SteelFusion Data Sheet (.PDF)

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